Tuesday, March 23, 2010

OMG - We're DOOMED....wait, maybe not.

One of the most common components of political punditry is the prediction. It usually goes along the line of the "if this goes on..." structure, and forecasts either doom or utopia depending on the pundit and the topic. I suppose this tendency towards hyperbole is just the nature of the beast. You don't get a lot of readers nodding their heads if you just predict "more or less the same".

So, there have been hordes of predictions from panels of pundits about the evils that will befall the country because of the health care bill just passed. Frankly, I find it freaking hilarious. We're doomed. We're on an inexorable course towards socialism/communism/decay. We will spend so much on entitlements that our military will suffer and our ever-alert enemies will use this opportunity to humiliate our once-great nation. One-third of our doctors will quit. Granny will be denied her arthritis medicine, but here's a handy morphine overdose. Rush Limbaugh will move to Costa Rica. Glenn Beck will cry his eyes out.

Now if I suffered from a lack of couth, I might respond to these Cassandras with a growl of "HORSE EXCREMENT", but I'm a soft-spoken guy, and I say that in all likelihood, there's just not going to be that much havoc.

Oh, I'm not saying there's not going to upset, or problems, or even re-workings of the mechanisms. But I think it's going to be your basic, “oh, crap, what do we do now” problems that we get all the damn time! And we find a way to deal.

Before Dennis Miller turned into a Conservadroid, he used to say, "But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong." I could be wrong, but my prediction is that I'm not.