Saturday, February 07, 2009

25 Random Facts About Me

1. I’ve had my picture taken with Sky King, John Glenn, and Joe Haldeman. Just not at the same time.

2. I once thought that Heaven was populated with skeletons, since dead people become skeletons.

3. Mobius strips still fascinate me.

4. I have recurring dreams about tornadoes.

5. I had a crush on a girl named Jasmine when I was seven years old and she was eleven.

6. It was in England, and we lived next door to a graveyard.

7. I currently have four telescopes.

8. And one microscope.

9. I won the 5th grade spelling bee at my school, made it into the top 12 in the city and lost on the first word in the final round in the city: precipice. How I spelled it: precipus.

10. I’ve taken two sabbaticals in my adult life, but I doubt I’ll take another one until retirement.

11. The first one lasted six months and the second one lasted ten.

12. When I decided to go back to work at the end of my second sabbatical, I colored my hair to hide the gray. I got hired over the phone and never had an in-person interview. So I quit touching up the hair, and a few months later everyone thought the job must be murder because I went gray so fast.

13. I used to reread old books all the time, but now I rarely do..

14. Forty years ago, I showed the public objects through a telescope. I still do that, but back then I was paid $1.25 per hour to do so. Now I do it for free.

15. I’m not religious, but I still think Sundays should be quieter than other days.

16. Pictures of me taken from the right seem better looking than pictures taken from the left.

17. Exercise has always bored me.

18. For some reason, I think that a glass of milk and two slices of bread make the perfect nighttime snack.

19. If Canada Dry ever made Wink again, I’d buy it by the case.

20. I will never forget the Great Whip ‘N Chill fight. Nor will my brother Rick or my sister Linda.

21. The first book I checked out of a school library was called Zip-Zip and His Flying Saucer.

22. I had three years of speech therapy starting in 5th grade. I made my dad laugh for five minutes when he asked if I thought it helped me and I replied, “Yeth.”

23. When I broke my leg at age 9, I was disappointed that the ambulance that took me to the hospital didn’t sound its siren.

24. I love trivia.

25. I detest butterscotch and licorice.


Annalisa said...

Re: #6... you'll definitely like The Graveyard Book.

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