Monday, July 07, 2008

Blogging on Space

The Houston Chronicle has a new space blog and I'm one of the authors. About a month ago, Eric Berger, AKA SciGuy on the Houston Chronicle website, announced plans to expand the science blogs with new content. The first one, ATMO.SPHERE, was launched a month ago. Now we have COSMO.SPHERE, and I will be contributing posts related to amateur astronomy.

Justin Kugler, a NASA engineer, and Fritz Benedict, a professional astronomer based at UT, will be making contributions on space and astronomy. I already have a post up about the constellation Scorpius and what may be found there.

I'm looking forward to making further contributions, and reading what the others have to say. I'm very excited about this.


Annalisa said...

Congratulations! That's really cool, and I enjoyed your Scorpius entry. Looking forward to seeing your future posts.

Edward said...

VERY COOL!! And we know you!!

Paul said...

I know that this is totally off-topic, but I just saw the comment you left last year at ...

The Chronicle is right to print the picture because it was newsworthy.

J, if you somehow think that pic is porn, I hope you never see the real thing. You will probably vapor lock.

I think that's the funny line I've ever read in a comment section. It made my day.