Sunday, September 24, 2006

Landing Video

Linda took this video of our landing in Sugar Land on our second flight.


Edward said...

That is cool!! But who is flying??? Your "him--hawing" brother...

Steve Clayworth said...

That's me - the unseen pilot. :)

Anonymous said...

Way cool! So, how many birds have you hit with the plane so far? {grin}

Linda, your darling sister.

Steve Clayworth said...

So far, I haven't hit any, but I have swerved to avoid some. Buzzards and vultures like to sometimes hang out around the end of the runway, and I've seen some other birds flying as high as 2000 feet. And they never ever filed a flight plan.

Anonymous said...

Hello Steve Clayworth,

I came across this site surfing the net. I was wondering if you are the same Steve Clayworth that used to reside on
quirt street in San Antonio Tx.

Your site has astornomy,telescopes,and flying airplanes on it,all the things I knew Steve Clayworth was interested in in 1971 when he graduated from John Jay High School. What really got me interested me is you have a darling sister named Linda.
Did you used to work at SAC Planitarium?
Hope this gets to you and you respond.

Joseph B.Smith

Steve Clayworth said...

Yep,, that's me, Joe! Contact me at