Saturday, March 25, 2006

Water, Water, all around

We are at sea after leaving Sicily, and we will have nothing but water for a horizon for two days. As I write this in the Internet cafe, I can pull back a curtain at watch the waves ( a staggering six inches) go by as the Sinfonia steams along at about 15 knots (I think).

Last night we had the little gala cocktail reception. Who would have thought that a bunch of scruffy eclipse chasers could clean up so good? So we all sat in the San Carlo theater and they handed out champagne and canapes, and then introduced the ship's officers. Each got a round of applause. Meanwhile, Aldo the cabin steward was steering the ship.

Aldo must have done a good job, so we went to dinner. No tentacles showed up, and I had some tasty (if rather small) lamb chops for a main course. Dessert was a nice tiramisu.

Our table companions are interesting. There's one fellow, Elliot, who is a sports photographer, so he's travelled a lot. Another man there has seen 15 eclipses - wow! A nice group of people.

Today we had a presentation about what to expect during the eclipse and how to best image it, both with video and still photography. Rick Feinberg, an editor at Sky & Telescope started out by explaining what happens during an eclipse in these succinct words: "Moon blocks sun. Gets dark." We saw some pictures of what the eclipse viewing area will look like (desolate is a kind word).

It was all very useful information, presented well. We have a very knowledgeable bunch of people organizing this thing, and I'm impressed.

Last night I blew 10 euros at the casino on the slots, so I can safely say I fed my gambling addiction. I don't really do blackjack or craps or anything at a casino that requires thought and skill in addition to luck, so ten minutes in front of a slot machine usually suffices.

It's midafternoon, and a nap beckons. John. D. MacDonald pointed out that there is a satisfying sense of accomplishment with a nap at sea....progress is made and distance is covered. So I think I'm going to go help the ship move along towards Egypt.



Edward said...

Wow--OK--any cute single girls? Wealthy--like know the drill.

Steve Clayworth said...

Hi, Eddie - there are few cute women aboard, although I'm not sure of their marital status.. :)