Friday, March 24, 2006

Now That's Italian

Last night we had our first encounter with some less than perfect seas. The ship did some light rolling, and it was a little difficult to keep your balance when you walked. Fortunately, there was no motion sickness, but it was a bit peculiar to be lying in bed and feel the slow accelerations and decelerations of the ship.

Anyway, we got up this morning and the ship was docked in Syracuse, a Sicilian city originally founded in 735 BC. We decided not to do a shore excursion, but just enjoyed a nice breakfast buffet, sucking down the coffee in order to jump-start consiousness.

The day is beautiful, clear blue skies with some thin high cirrus clouds, about 60, maybe 65. We retrieved our cameras from our cabin and came back to the high deck and I spent a good half hour shooting images of the harbor, Mount Etna in the background capped with snow. Absolutely charming. Ever so often, tenders would leave the boat for those people who wished to go ashore. (Note: I wish I could attach pictures to these messages, but we can't hook anything up to the computers here in the Internet cafe).

We lay in the sun for awhile, just enjoying the warmth and fresh air, and then it was the hard work of going back to the cabin for a nap.

Tonight is a gala night, with a cocktail reception in the San Carlo theater, followed by our dinner. Gala night means get dressed up, so I will finally wear the suit that I brought.

We're scheduled to leave port at 4 PM, and after that it's two days at sea before we dock in Alexandria, Egypt.

To anyone who has ever entertained the notion of taking a cruise, by all means do so. There is nothing quite like it in the world.

That's all for now -



Linda said...

Hi, Big Brother!

Finally had a chance to catch up with you here. Wow! It all sounds so exciting. You and Linda must be having the time of your lives. Can't wait to see the pictures when you get back.

(Oh, and I don't blame you about the tentacles...)

Continue having fun!


Debbie P said...

Sound like you're having a great time. I've been to Pompeii and it is really fascinating! The pyramids are pretty grand as well. I hope you get to be there in the evening so you can see the sound and light show (if they still have it that is). Anyway, enjoy and keep us posted.

Debbie P.

Edward said...

My siblings are wimps!! What if you were LOST at sea......ha!(smile) It does sound like you are having a great time! My shirt size is LARGE--down from a XL...

Have fun!

Steve Clayworth said...

Glad to hear from you all! Eddie, let me know when you get down to Medium.