Sunday, March 26, 2006

Dancing Girls

Yesterday afternoon, after I published my blog, I had a satisfying nap. Then Linda and I went to the party on Deck 11 (by the pool) that was hosted by Travelquest and Sky & Telescope. A goodly crowd showed up, and we grabbed a table. Joe & Gay Haldeman stopped by and we spent a pleasant hour chatting about science fiction, astronomy, equipment, the cruise, and so forth. I had some champagne and munched on the potato chips and little snacks placed on the tables. Meanwhile, the band started up, and my wife and Gay decided to join about thirty others on deck doing the Macarena. Joe leaned over and said, "Can you believe what our wives are doing?" I grinned and said, "Looks like a photo op." I had my camera and managed a couple of good shots of them dancing.

After the little soiree, we left for dinner, which as usual was great. Pleasant conversation carried out over the din of a few hundred people talking and eating, while the efficient waitstaff (all unfailingly polite and pleasant) managed the intricacies of getting 5 courses of food into the passengers.

Later on I went out on deck (Linda had decided to relax in the cabin), and found that the position forward of the bridge had the lights cut out to enjoy a little amateur astronomy. I had my binoculars with me and enjoyed the sky before it clouded over. I did get a quick view of Saturn through one person's Tele Vue 85 (nice little telescope), so I can now say that I've seen Saturn from the deck of a cruise ship deep in the Mediterranean.

I went back down, and wandered deck 6 for a bit, ran into Gay, and we had an Irish Coffee in one of the bars. Then we wandered over to the Casino where Joe was trying his luck at blackjack. I was content to watch. Meanwhile, Linda had enough of relaxing and came down an joined us.

We had one more go at the deck, and there were some clear spots in the sky. I had a quick look at a faint fuzzy nebula, and then it was time for bed.

Today we might have a go at an afternoon bingo session. I might try to catch one of the lectures - "Under Nile Skies".

Tomorrow we dock at Alexandria, Egypt, and do our day trip to Cairo.


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Edward said...

Sounds like a fun filled day! You are having WAY to much fun! Just Kidding! Tell Linda hi!

Talk to you later--don't hurt the pyramids--I want to see them someday!